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Health and Wellness




This course defines what social media is for digital advocacy, plus
offers some answers to frequently asked questions, according to SAMHSA. Further, it presents user friendly social media guidelines and best practices.

Course - 121 Lessons

CATEGORIES : fitness , Exercise , lifestyle , health , wellness,.

TAGS: Exercise , health , lifestyle , wellness , fitness.

Additional Information
  • 3 CE Credits Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board
  • • The human body is a complex creation. When something goes wrong, why just treat part of it? Holistic health and healing is a way of life … a journey … an improved existence. In this course, you will discover 10 ways to create and maintain optimal health, staying substance-free.
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  • • Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board Course Approval Number 20-673167
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  • • Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board Course Approval Number 20-673167
  • • In this comprehensive course, you will learn about 10 areas to prevent illness and create health and wellness: diet, addictive, processed foods, and more!
Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board Course Approval…
Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board Course Approval…
This course helps you understand the critical connection between…
Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board Course Approval…

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course designed for?

This course is primarily designed for professionals in the field of chemical dependency, but it can also be beneficial for healthcare providers, educators, counselors, or anyone interested in promoting healthy living and substance use prevention.

Who can benefit from taking this course?

This course is designed for individuals who are interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and preventing substance use. It may be particularly relevant for healthcare professionals, counselors, educators, or anyone interested in wellness.

What topics are covered in the course content?

You may want to know the specific topics covered, such as nutrition, mental health, substance abuse prevention strategies, and related subjects.

Is this course applicable to my specific field of work?

While the course covers general principles of substance use prevention and healthy living, it can be beneficial for professionals in various related fields. You may want to review the course content to determine its relevance to your specific area of work.

Is this course suitable for beginners, or do I need prior knowledge in the subject?

This course is designed to be accessible to participants with varying levels of familiarity with the topic. While some prior knowledge may be helpful, it is not required.