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5 CE Credit Hours | Love Is AMany Splendored Thing – If You Do It Right!

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Everything you need to know about having healthy, loving relationships of all kinds!

Course - 37 Lessons

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In this course, we look at a scholarly definition of heroin, explore statistics…
Are you concerned about prescription drug use for preventing…
Sometimes family members and close friends are aware that their loved…
Are you concerned about recognizing when a loved one is using drugs…

Frequently Asked Questions

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This course is suitable for anyone who is experiencing grief or for professionals who want to gain a better understanding of holistic approaches to grief and happiness.

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CE stands for Continuing Education. CE credit hours are a way for professionals to maintain and update their knowledge and skills. Upon completing this course, you will earn 4 CE credit hours that can be applied to your professional development.

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Yes, this course is designed to help individuals who are grieving, including those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. It provides holistic strategies for managing grief and finding happiness.

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The course is designed to provide holistic strategies that can help individuals manage their grief and work towards happiness. While it may not replace professional therapy, it can be a valuable resource for those struggling with long-term grief and depression.

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Absolutely! This course is designed for a wide audience, and you don’t need to be a healthcare or counseling professional to benefit from it. It’s open to anyone who wants to understand and cope with grief more effectively.