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Mental health and addiction recovery are hard work. Here…
This bundle of courses comprises a holistic approach…
This resource explores what amino acid therapy is and teaches you…
This course discusses more specifically what herbs are…
This resource explores some alternative, non-traditional…
This resource explores what mindfulness is and teaches…
This resource explores some alternative, non-traditional …
This resource explores some alternative, non-traditional…
This guide defines and describes the four major parenting styles…
Everything you need to know about approaching ADHD from a holistic health point of view…
This course is designed to help you: – Define what heroin is. – Describe the difference…


Are you concerned about people using drugs at your place of work? Learn signs …..

Make Wellness Personal

Wellness is at the core of a happy, fulfilling lifestyle. Through education and accessibility, we offer the tools you need to create a balanced, holistic life. Want to dive deeper? Check out our downloadable health guides for further education.
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For Parents

Understanding your child as they grow and mature is vital to their health, but what do you do when you don’t know what to do? From mental health struggles like depression and anxiety to conditions such as ADHD or Disordered Eating, a holistic approach may be beneficial in aiding and equipping your family. Not sure where to start? Check out our Resource Guide. It’s a roadmap through holistic parenting.
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Emotional Health

Emotional Health at Work: Balancing Stress and Well-being

Maintaining emotional health has become a critical aspect of overall well-being in today’s fast-paced and competitive work environment. The demands of modern workplaces often lead to high stress and anxiety...

Nurturing Holistic Health

Mind-Body Connection: Nurturing Holistic Health

Introduction In the pursuit of overall well-being, it is essential to acknowledge the profound connection between the mind and the body. The mind-body connection is the intricate relationship between our...

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