Well … maybe! There is some exciting new research that is showing a connection between our gut bacteria and our moods. Could it be so simple to get ourselves in a happy mood?

Can we see significant improvement by taking probiotics in some of the various, yet effective forms we see today? 

Well … maybe! Dr. David Perlmutter discussed a clinical study that showed that 20 people (who were not diagnosed with a mood disorder), after taking probiotics for 4 weeks, had fewer negative thoughts which are typically associated with being in a sad mood. 

Due to the good results, these researchers issued a call for more research “as a potential preventive strategy for depression.” What about other types of mood issues which accompany us throughout life?

Many people know that we have friendly and unfriendly bacteria in the gut. Antibiotics kill all of them.

Some doctors who prescribe antibiotics are also now recommending that patients eat live-culture yogurt at the same time to re-populate the friendly bacteria, which are so crucial to a healthy digestive tract and immune system.

This sounds like good advice to me, although personally, I have sworn off antibiotics altogether. (There are many other ways to say goodbye to our unfriendly germs which make us sick.)

Our digestive tract houses most of our immune system. So yes, gut health is a critical part of us that reaches out to all areas of our health.

These connections are showing how important superior nutrition is to maintain all aspects of health, including our mental health.

So instead of assuming we need medication to regulate our difficult mood patterns, perhaps we should first look to our nutrition and correct unhealthy eating patterns. We can build from there.

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