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Unlock the keys to innovative and evidence-based courses, expanding your knowledge base with holistic approaches.

Parents and People

Find a path to true holistic wellbeing, both for yourself and your family.

The mind-body connection: a powerful duo for optimal health


Parent & People: Mindfulness for Your Total Health

This resource explores what mindfulness is and teaches you how to incorporate living more in each present moment. I've even included 10 prompts to help you on your way to being more mindful.


Parents & People: Social Media: Keep it Positive!

Take Time to Nourish Your Mind and Body

Health And Wellness

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Make Healthy Changes for a Better Tomorrow!

Start Your Journey To A Brighter Future By Making Small, Healthy Changes Today! Let’s Come Together And Create A Healthier Tomorrow For Us All.
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4 CE Credit Hours | From Grieving to Happiness

Course : 63 Lessons

Grieving is a normal part of everyday life. It’s how you manage it that can make the difference whether you come out of it healthy or get bogged down and fall into long-term depression. This course goes beyond conventional approaches and shows you how to handle it in a true holistic fashion, leading back to a state of happiness. Plus, you get continuing education hours for taking it!




Your Parenting Style Matters Holistic Guide

This guide defines and describes the four major parenting styles and presents behavioral outcomes of each style. It discusses co-parenting (reconcile differences in parenting styles), the impact of parenting on nutrition, the importance of emotional intelligence, and the difficulties of parenting children with differences and special needs. A special section is devoted to parenting styles and substance abuse.
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