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This course defines what social media is for digital advocacy, plus…
This course explores scholarly definitions of the role …
Smiles on Social Media, spreading the joy, be the joy foundation, bring joy to others, spread happiness, ways to spread joy, what's a better way to spread joy,

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Welcome. Our courses are designed for and meet the standards of the Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board. We are a leading provider for CE credit hours in the state of Ohio. Our courses are for providers looking to gain an education and better address client concerns and questions regarding holistic healthcare, its effectiveness and strategies for mental and physical health issues. Holistic healthcare is becoming more popular and there is plenty of misinformation on these topics. These courses provide you with actual, credible information that can be used in practice if you desire to implement these strategies or address patient concerns.

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Treating and Beating Fentanyl Addiction

Whether you’re a mental health practitioner, a nurse, another professional, or just someone who is concerned about your own fentanyl addiction or that of a loved one, please know that...

Healthier Lifestyle

Infused Water: Your Path to a Healthier Lifestyle

In a world inundated with sugary and artificially flavored drinks, infused water emerges as a refreshing and healthful alternative. This simple concoction combines fruits, vegetables, and herbs with water to...

Fermented Foods

Fermented Foods: Your Path to Optimal Health and Well-being

In recent years, fermented foods have garnered increasing attention for their potential health benefits and positive impact on overall well-being. This ancient practice of preserving and enhancing the nutritional value...