Whether you are ill or not, or just want to feel better and be healthier, it is always a great idea to begin a health journey. It doesn’t really matter what your background is, or how much money you make.

It doesn’t matter how old or how young you are. The best place and time to start is … exactly where you are right now!

It is also a great idea to work in multiple areas at the same time, although you may not want to start more than a couple of them at a time so things don’t get overwhelming for you.

The reason we do this is so you will get a better health outcome, and really start enjoying healthy living and … healthy feeling. Would you rather feel up or down? Would you rather have happy thoughts or downer ones? 

Think about things you already like in terms of foods, so be sure to include them as you gradually pull out foods that are unhealthy for you, such as processed products, grains (for many), and sugars (for all).

A little bit of sugar or honey or syrup goes a very long way! Are there any veggies you actually like? Be sure to eat them. Dive into Achieving Wellness! Start your Health and Wellness journey today.

Try new ones – add something different to a salad and see if you like it. If not, eat something you do like. Do you like fruits? Try some of the lower-sugar fruits like berries.

We can get fresh and flash-frozen berries, so you never have to go without them.

Do you like to exercise? If not, what do you like doing that involves moving your body? I personally prefer dancing, and that can get very aerobic.

Just don’t overdo it all at once – there is no need for that. As a kid I liked riding my bike and roller skating, as well as dancing. Just move in a way that makes you happy, even if it’s taking a walk in the park. 

Please remember that the number on the scale is just one of hundreds – if not thousands – of variables involved in creating health. So, don’t stress the scale, just eat for health and above all else, enjoyment.

Being mindful is a very good thing, too. Are you self-deprecating when you think about things you would perhaps like to change about yourself?

Forget that! Just notice – without self-judgment – because that will open the door to more positive change and you never have to feel bad about yourself. I know … easier said than done … but practicing this means you will get better at it.

Last but certainly not least – be kind to yourself. Be forgiving. Making large lifestyle changes takes time and practice, and some – much – of what we currently practice that is not completely healthy is addictive.

So being forgiving and picking yourself right up and starting over again when you think you have failed is all you need to build health. We call this perseverance. Just don’t give up completely. 

You Are Definitely Worth the Effort!

For more information on holistic health, please visit Health and Wellness

And remember to have a holistically healthy day!