We have officially entered springtime, even if the weather is not always cooperating with the calendar! So, our minds often go to our health, after a season of joyful indulgence.

You might be wondering what foods might be healthy for detoxing, for an internal spring cleaning. By the way, whenever possible, choose organic varieties:

1. Garlic.


This is a real superfood that activates the liver detox enzymes. Your liver is a critical organ of elimination, remember. Garlic has 29 antibacterial agents so it helps you not only clean your system but stay healthy.

2. Beets.


These are also in the category of superfoods! Do you notice the various beet powders that are being marketed these days? That’s because they also activate liver detox enzymes, which help your absorption of nutrients. It binds to the toxins and excretes them from your body. 

3. Applies.


This is another great choice. They contain a good amount of fiber which helps clean your bowels and repopulate your good bacteria – by the way, that’s your immune system, the majority of which lives in your gut! 

4. Fermented Foods.

Fermented Foods

These superfoods are trending and with good reason! Fermented foods help boost your gut microbiome, or, again – your immune system. Sources include kefir, sauerkraut, pickles, miso soup, etc.

5. Walnuts.


Did you know that, in addition to tasting delicious, walnuts increase circulation and blood flow to help toxins out of your body more expeditiously? They contain arginine, helping you flush out toxins. 

6. Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera

Did you also know that aloe vera is packed full of vitamins and minerals which affect the entire body’s system? It also has enzymes, is an anti-inflammatory food, and contributes to wound healing.

It can be used for skin irritations, as well as for your immune system when taken internally. It can even help improve your diabetes!

7. Basil.


This well-known herb has anti-inflammatory properties, works against stress, and is antibacterial inside your body. It can help relieve pain, protect your blood vessels, and provides a much-needed boost for your immune system. Plus – it tastes great!

8. Boswellia.


This wonderful herb has very powerful-containing anti-inflammation properties, which can help fight cancer and protect your heart.

It also improves your immune system, reduces pain from arthritis, can help healing times, and gives you some protection from auto-immune disease.

9. Cayenne Pepper.

Cayenne Pepper

Most of us have had this from time to time. It adds lots of flavor to various culinary dishes. It helps support the immune system, and digestion, aids in preventing blood clots, and nerve and joint pain, helps with the detox process, and can help if you have allergies like hay fever.

10. Cilantro.


Our final pick of the day is the common herb, cilantro. It has many properties, besides tasting pretty good, like helping to detox heavy metals from our bodies, lower anxiety, improving quality of sleep, helping blood sugar levels, supporting digestion, etc. In other words, it wears many hats!

I could go on and on because there are so many other foods that will help you detox, regain health, and do damage control (presumably from the holidays, etc.), but I won’t be here! Discover 10 detoxifying foods rooted in Food-Mood Psychology. Can improving your diet elevate your mental well-being? Dive in!

You can learn a little more by watching this video from StyleCraze on this topic. Learn even more about this topic (plus see another video if you like) from Dr. Joseph Mercola’s vast files, entitled Top Tips to Detox Your Body. Go here.

Notice the recommendations for fresh produce that are made by professionals for the purpose of detoxification. Keeping ourselves clean on the inside is just as important as staying clean on the outside.

If you have trouble eating vegetables, understand that you are not alone. In time, trying to add healthier foods like veggies and decrease unhealthy foods like those which are overly processed, you may find your taste buds will change.  

For more information on healthy lifestyles, please consider taking this course, Living Healthy Holistically. For additional information on healthy, holistic lifestyle choices, please visit Health and Wellness

Have a holistically healthy day!