Are you a late-night person? Do you have trouble getting up in the mornings? When your alarm goes off in the morning, do you inevitably hit the snooze button? If your answer is yes, do not despair!

We can indeed slowly transition into morning people, feeling like it’s not hard to wake up early, feeling happy, and being productive.

1. The most obvious step is to get more sleep. More to the point, get to bed earlier. Turn off the television. Make sure your room is dark (our sleep hormones will start to kick in).  Try to get as close to 8 hours of good quality sleep per night. 

2. Not only should you turn off your television (or program it to turn itself off at a certain time), but do not use your computer or other electronic equipment. Put these devices to bed for the night, too! 

3. Upon waking, do not hit the snooze button – instead, get up and get going. This will get easier over time – I promise!

4. Expose yourself to natural light as soon as possible – you will get Vitamin D from the sun and definitely feel better, not to mention other benefits like an improved immune system.

5. Do not eat heavy food late at night. In fact, try to stop eating for a couple of hours before you plan to retire for the night. 

6. Consider taking magnesium supplements, especially at night. Magnesium promotes relaxation and also eases anxiety. 

7. Finally – and most importantly – eat a healthy, balanced diet, with other supplements (ask your health care practitioner). Check your stress levels at the door.

The more healthy you make yourself, the more likely your body will ask you for what it needs when it needs it…like sleep!

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