We know that since we started using vaccines, many health-problem-related statistics have fallen – this is what we want to see.

But not everyone agrees with the way we do vaccines, their real effectiveness, and in particular, what possible side effects can occur from these formulations.

Dr. Will Cole, a functional medical professional who is known for his sectarian or plant-based (mostly) food approach, states that “most vaccines, if not all contain preservatives, like, aluminum, formaldehyde, or yeast.”

He believes that at a very young age, the large number of vaccines given constitutes a toxic overload, which their immune systems are not necessarily capable of handling. 

He shares that “vaccinated children have 2 to 5x more childhood diseases, illnesses, and allergies than unvaccinated children” according to a large study conducted recently.

He further states that vaccines “are a piece of the puzzle to the epidemic rise of chronic and autoimmune diseases.” Although not against vaccinations, when an individual has a poor immune system, this can become very problematic. 

Is this what you want for your kids?! 

Depending on your genetic propensities, taking vaccines can pose more serious problems to at-risk individuals. So, should we start doing routine DNA tests to determine who is more at risk before simply administering current vaccines? Should we detoxify current vaccines and make them safer, developing a different delivery system?

Dr. Joseph Mercola, another holistic medical doctor professional, also weighs in on this topic. One particular bit of information shared was eye-opening.

“DTP vaccine [i.e., diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis] was associated with fivefold higher mortality than being unvaccinated. … ‘All currently available evidence suggests that DTP vaccine may kill more children from other causes than it saves from diphtheria, tetanus or pertussis.’”

[Emphasis added.] Dr. Mercola also shares that a high percentage of kids have been diagnosed with disorders such as ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, etc., and that these outcomes are listed as known side effects of vaccines.

Scary, right?!

In an earlier article about the safety of flu shots vaccines, I spoke about some reasons I personally choose not to take flu shots; although I had my requisite shots when very young, including one for chicken pox, guess what? I still got it! 

If the data on how healthy kids really are with versus without vaccines keeps coming, and it appears to be doing just that, it becomes obvious that there must be another way to stay healthy and not contract diseases that used to kill many during epidemics. 

Vaccinations are intended to help people develop immunity against diseases and other disordered conditions, like chicken pox, the flu, diphtheria, etc. 

But what if we were to approach beefing up our immune systems in another way? Like healthier eating and taking supplements when indicated?

This is a holistically healthy lifestyle approach – let’s make and keep ourselves in a strong, healthy condition so that our bodies do what they are programmed to do – heal and stay healthy!

With stronger immune systems, we can more readily fight off invaders like the many flu strains, so we do not have to rely on taking vaccines for particular strains … which can be predicted but not 100% reliably so.

With a strong, vibrant immune system, our bodies are poised to handle better whatever comes our way! 

As Dr. Cole states, I too am not opposed – at least not fully – to taking vaccinations if I think it is the best choice and it can be done safely. But I would rather give my body a chance to get strong and hardy.

Having said that, I rarely seem to get sick with anything viral and/or bacterial, and I have not had any but the requisite vaccines decades ago!

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Happy learning!