First, what is a superfood? It’s a natural food, often plant-based, that is very nutrient-dense. It’s jam-packed with superior-quality nutrients that are capable of supercharging your health.

Some are known to boost energy, and some to boost your mood. Some are known for weight loss, and some for overall well-being. Whatever the desired effect, here are my top 7 choices:

1. Blueberries:


 They have an abundance of vitamins and phytochemicals. They are fiber-rich. Blueberries are anti-oxidant. 

2. Turmeric:


 Also an anti-oxidant, turmeric – with the active ingredient curcumin – is a known anti-inflammatory and is trending big right now. High-quality turmeric is powerful.

3. Almonds:


They are rich in calcium – did you know that?! Almonds also have vitamin E and are a decent source of protein.

4. Avocados:


These contain some of the earth’s healthiest fats. This source of fat is a monounsaturated fat…very heart-healthy.

5. Salmon:


Many have heard of salmon in conjunction with the word superfood. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is not only a source of quality protein but is also great at fighting inflammation.

6. Flaxseeds:


Like salmon, flaxseeds have omega-3 fats and can help with diabetes and heart disease as well as being anti-inflammatory.

7. Cinnamon:


Research is demonstrating a healing effect for urinary tract infections, improving brain function, lowering bad cholesterol, and helping with glucose metabolism for those grappling with diabetes. nutrient-rich superfoods that boost your health and should always be within arm’s reach. See the impactful benefits on your well-being!”

Most superfoods are nutrient-dense, but calorie-poor. This is good news for people watching their weight! 

While superfoods are great to have within reach, if you eat a diet of junk food and just add superfoods, you will not win the health game. They cannot be used as a substitute for an otherwise healthy diet. 

I understand – making lifestyle changes is so not easy, but the more you practice, the better you get at changing your life into one that is holistic, healthy, and happy. 

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Here’s to life!