You may not even know if you are on the path to developing an autoimmune disease – not to mention the fact that you may already have a diagnosis.

Autoimmune diseases are at least three times more prevalent now than they were a few decades ago. Alarming!

The term autoimmune means your immune system is attacking itself – so in order to start the healing process, instead of trying to treat one organ where some activity may be happening – it’s time to heal the entire immune system so it will behave again,

Practitioners of functional medicine and other holistic approaches see the human body as a whole, rather than just parts, and operate on the notion that each biological system impacts others as they function synergistically.

So, let’s stop trying to manage symptoms and live with them, and instead focus on healing the immune system.

As you might know, about two-thirds of your immune system lies within your gut. One major irritant in autoimmune expression is having a leaky gut.

The lining in your gut has become loose and undigested foods, microbes, toxins, etc. can get away through the loose lining and escape into the bloodstream.

We have also heard a great deal about gluten, which is known to contribute to autoimmune, and gluten is pro-inflammatory.

Some smart doctors are advising us to steer clear of all grains, especially wheat, avoiding even gluten-free products. Heavy metals like mercury and molds are also dangerous to the immune system.

Mercury may be one of the top three most toxic substances the world has ever seen. Infections from bacteria and viruses are also linked to autoimmune, so it is important to get rid of these invaders effectively.

High stress – and who does not have this – can also be a trigger for autoimmune.

So, getting on a sensible, anti-inflammatory diet, knowing what you are sensitive to, adding some appropriate supplements, and perhaps even running some of the much more affordable DNA tests are ways you can approach your healing.

Learning how to be mindful is an excellent way to manage stress and enhance healing in the body and mind.

Do not listen to people – even highly credentialed people – who tell you it cannot be done and must be managed by drugs. Believe that you can do this – many people are getting very “miraculous” healings. Just ask me – I know personally!

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