Why, yes, of course, you can! 

In fact, it’s good for you according to yoga teachers and other health professionals. Stretching can help you wake up and it also can improve your circulation while getting rid of tension.

It’s like a wake-up call for your joints and muscles which may be a little stiff after a night of not moving much.

Today I will share my morning in-bed regime to gently help me wake up and get a few stretches in the process.

When I am coming out of my usual sleepiness in the mornings, while lying in bed, I stretch my arms down toward my feet, extending them without raising them.

I also stretch my legs downward and sometimes try to point my toes, too. This depends on how motivated (and awake) I feel. 

Sometimes I stretch my entire body, with my arms straight above my head so I get a complete stretch going. I am waking up little by little now. So, feeling more awake, I go into a routine with more movement.

I put my arms out to the sides and bend them at the elbows toward me, above me, and downward. I often do arm circles – just five forward and five backward – and then return to bending elbows.

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Since I have an old injury in my right knee, while laying on my back, I bring each leg toward my chin, bending it at the knee and then stretching it upward. 

By this time, I am usually awake and ready to roll out of bed to meet my day.

Of course, the routine you do should be yours alone – create one that makes sense to you and helps you the most – and be kind and gentle to yourself in the process. 

Try it – you might like it!