Most if not all of us have heard the expression, inner child, especially in the context of healing it! But what exactly is your inner child?

It may mean the innermost feelings you experienced as a child – usually from adverse happenings – and is perhaps part of your subconscious…mostly. These emotions can stay trapped so you, an adult, may be still feeling little child feelings about life events, people, places, etc.

The inner child holds emotions and memories and their subsequent beliefs and even the behavior that resulted from it when it originally happened. By behavior I mean how you may have protected yourself at a young age.

I know I am currently working on continuing to heal my inner child, and a lot of that work which by the way I am doing energetically now, having done most of my work through the counseling process, is connected to emotional eating! Yes, I have protected myself from a less-than-ideal childhood by numbing with food. 

Some may call it food allergies or food addictions. They would definitely have a point! But I think it has always been my way of protecting myself from feeling harm, whether something in the present was happening or not. My mother role-modeled this for me and my siblings. Triggers can trip these inner child reactions into gear even if nothing is apparently happening in the present to warrant it.

We all have an inner child. Being aware of this can help start you on the road to healing and fully growing up emotionally into the adult you already are. 

You might have anger, feel abandoned, rejected, be insecure, feel more vulnerable than is healthy, and you might feel guilty and anxious. 

So, after acknowledging your inner child and their experiences, both positive and negative, it is always a great idea to get some type of counseling to talk about these experiences. It’s a way to process the feelings, and then those feelings can be safely and permanently put into the past, where they belong. This is especially true if you are fully and completely living in the present!

Perhaps an alternative form of therapeutic release is called for, like art therapy, or music therapy, or even dance therapy! It’s you and your body and your inner child, so you will know what works for you.

Journaling is another great form of release. You can do this on your own or also within the context of therapy sessions. Embark on a transformative journey of ‘Healing Your Inner Child,’ and discover the keys to nurturing happy and healthy children. Dive into the depths of self-discovery and healing as you explore the profound impact of your early experiences.

Mindfulness of any type is another great way to stay in the present and make more sense out of what you are feeling, thinking, and oftentimes, doing. So whatever mindfulness technique works for you, be it meditation, even bubble baths (!), this can help you stay more calm and clear, even throughout your day.

Well…I have done all of that and came about 75% of the way back to being completely healed. Then an opportunity arose for me to do an energetic therapy called Emotion Code (Dr. Bradley Nelson), and it looked so interesting I decided to try it. Guess what? It’s working for me! Of course, there are other similar types of energetic work that are also very effective.

It’s all about self-care. When you take good care of yourself, you are much happier within yourself and better with other people, especially those you love. It makes sense, right?! If you are about to embark on a healing journey of your inner child, or about to re-enter one, I wish you much happiness and success.

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And, as always, please have a happy, holistically healthy day!

Dr. P