We are in the middle of May, and we need to acknowledge that we celebrate mental health awareness during this time of year. There is still a stigma attached to people who suffer with mental health symptoms, and this needs to be changed until all people are aware of and better educated on this topic.

As many as one in five people will be affected by some mental health condition during their lifetime. People who seek help early for medical conditions suffer fewer and less severe symptoms. Mental health is no different. The earlier we address the problems, the earlier we have relief. 

In fact, arming ourselves with education on this topic can even help prevent development of symptoms and disorders. Please consider that there are effective, alternative ways to address mental health concerns, without toxic side effects!

May is Mental Health Month! Discover the profound benefits of Mental Health Counseling and prioritize your well-being.

1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture for mental health

this redirects the body’s energy flow using carefully placed needles. Not to worry – placement of the needles is most often not painful!

2. Hypnosis

Hypnosis for mental health

hypnotherapy sessions maintained consistently can help achieve relief in mood disorders, and lessen the severity of depression, even more than cognitive behavioral therapy.

3. Supplements

Supplements for health

we now know that well-placed supplements can help alleviate symptoms of depression. Some of these are magnesium, vitamin B, fish oil, and vitamin D. There are more!

4. Nutrition

Nutrition for health

remember this correlation – food and mood. Yes, the food we eat is positively correlated with mood disorders, especially. Lessen or eliminate grains and table sugar!

Remember always to work with a competent, knowledgeable healthcare practitioner. Everyone’s body is a little different – we have different gene combinations and different environmental influences. In general, you can start by improving the quality of your diet, adding a few well-placed supplements along the way. 

Check with your practitioner! Although there are few contraindications, if you are taking medications, please check and know that you are not harming yourself unintentionally.

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