There are some imaginative ways/suggestions to stay healthy when you have a desk job. Sitting around 8 hours a day is asking for weight gain and other health problems.

But we have to make a living, and not all of us are blessed with paying work that keeps our schedules flexible, allowing us to do healthier things in between sitting around all day!

1. Walk at Lunch Time and on Breaks if Circumstance Permits

Walk at Lunch Time and on Breaks if Circumstance Permits

Get your metabolism stirred up! You can actually eat at your desk while you work and then get some exercise on your breaks, even if it’s only 15 minutes.

Walking gets your feel-good serotonin levels stirred up, plus your endorphins, so you will feel more refreshed and in a better mood. 

2. Make Sure You Stay Hydrated

Make Sure You Stay Hydrated

Yes, drinking fluids is important to staying healthy, especially when you work a desk job. Make sure you keep healthy spring water (or some other healthier version of clean, pure water) at your desk.

It doesn’t have to be cold all the time, although I admit it tastes better that way! 

3. Keep Healthy Snacks at Your Desk

Keep Healthy Snacks at Your Desk

Instead of focusing on foods with wheat and sugar (or other grains and sweets), keep healthy seeds and nuts at your desk. If you have a mid-afternoon sugar drop, try some dried fruits to fill the need.

Be careful you don’t eat too much of this, since it is still a higher-sugar food and can crank up blood sugars just as easily as a donut can. Seaweed is a healthy choice of snack food, if you like them.

There are some great brands out there, even organic ones, and these have very few calories and carbs.

Above all else, think positive thoughts! A change in diet and exercise habits does wonders for your overall health, especially your moods. Visit my website Health And Wellness for more information about healthy, holistic living.